Thursday, November 22, 2018


Welcome to Webster 123
A content delivery difference that is much faster than php/sql methods such as WordPress. Thank you for the quick response. This may be useful for institutions and others who may have thousands of static pages. I appreciate the opportunities that have arisen.
Overloading my server with my experiments  with thousands of pages in Wordpress led to a solution which bears discussion. I've now published 6500 pages with the solution, Webster123 and the load on my server has been greatly reduced.
This is a tour of my websites, Artvilla (1998), Motherbird (1998), ArtforsaleOriginal, Tunebee, and Murfreesboronet.
These sites are examples of my Webster123 publishing.
At the bottom of each screen are these pics in the footer....Webster helps me help you to get around fast. I started building this page three days ago and have updated all 6500 of these pages at least ten times in that time.


Art, Poetry and Music

Galleries of the World

These pages originally created in Wordpress. The server load from bots slowed the pages and the site was costing too much for my humble budget, so I created Webster123. Other sites were created to illustrate the use of Webster.

Wordpress has one page, basically. A Wordpress site delays the browser while it retrieves the content and other page information from a database, fills that one page and presents it to the browser.

The reason we used programs like Wordpress is that we wish to change that information quickly and have common sidebars and menus without having to change individual web pages. PHP/SQL systems like Wordpress are very useful. I use them.

What I do with Webster123 is to create thousands of actual pages with menus, sidebar and content and put them in thousands of actual directories.
Tunebee has 37 sidebars......Webster123 allows unlimited sidebars, menus, and header images.....
Webster123 pages are rockets and Wordpress pages are snails.

STOP!! The internet is overloaded with calls to databases for static information.
My wepages are in spreadsheets that Webster123 and  Filezilla deliver fast..
It has been a useful experiment in web publishing and could lesson the load on and speed of the internet if static pages were delivered in this fashion.

Thank you for visiting my page. Ideas are easy to share but not easy to sell and your attention is much appreciated.
Technical Contact for information related to collaboration opportunities: Dave Jackson (615) 412-9372