Sunday, December 9, 2018

Cool New Feature of Webster123

Webster allows me to do stuff quickly but some things require reprogramming...... The following link was taken from our new "Link To This Page" feature. Tunecats is the first to use this feature......Lots of folks have blogs and websites and we need hey!
Check out a bit of fun. I have to test these links somewhere so:

  3 Doors Down Alternative Rock Lyrics and Music

 While I'm here, I might as well link to some pages....The new feature makes this easy, Some pages that I'm doing well with could use some links ... Art Lessons
How to Paint Clouds in Oils Acrylics and Watercolor How to Paint Flowers Acrylics
How to Paint Abstract Art Paintings | Techniques How to Paint Impressionism like Monet How to Cook Asparagus
Recipes of the World

Art lessons have proven to be a good use of the speed of Webster123 and Tubepress.....