Thursday, December 20, 2018

Resizing, and linking

All sites except Motherbird are up to date on size. Webster creates a simple html page with one sidebar that floats to the bottom on a phone. On a PC, you want the sidebar to be present. To do that in a simple way, I did a little research blogger style. It seems that the default style for blogger has a width of 960 pixels with the sidebar of 310 pixels. By guessing that to be the default smaller screen in use, the Webster pages are now 960 pixels wide with the sidebar of 280 pixels. If you've been to blogger, my sidebar will fall into place. If the site you've been to has a wider screen, you'll have to enlarge the screen a bit, and if the sidebar goes away, you did it. It is better to make you enlarge the screen than it is to make you make the screen smaller. That way, odds are, you see my sidebar. To ensure that my sites don't create too many links to each other and get them in trouble, I removed the links at the bottom of all the pages, and then un-linking my sites from each other a bit. In the early Internet, friends would link to each other from their front page, but in Wordpress on the modern Internet, a link on the front page can be a link from every page on the website, so a courtesy can become detrimental.