Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Server Troubles? Know your Server Folks

Going to sleep tonight with Tunecats down.....I did the unforgivable....For tech buffs, I made a change in the CPanel that changed the DNS of Tunecats. Don't do stuff late at night. You'll end up all night with the press of a button...Uh oh!
My friends and I at Godaddy are on it. Be nice to your server folks. They are your nurses and doctors and you can learn from them.....It always amazes me that websites are up at all. After awhile you feel like those engineers changing vacuum tubes on the early computers, running around keeping the thing running.
I'm always hearing Siri say "Calling GawDaddy" and hearing that they "can't wait to exceed my expectations" in the recording.
"It's me, Dave again. Everything is down, what did I do?
Yes I do have thousand of directories. No it doesn't hurt you. It helps you. Here's why"
The root directory of Artvilla.com has 1550 files and 1224 directories. Artvilla has been there since 1998. Motherbird and Artvilla accumulated maybe 5000 html files before Wordpress came along. Tunecats has 3000 directories.
Artvilla and Motherbird were started in 1998. Images were the new thing.
Artvilla in the Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.artvilla.com
Motherbird: https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.motherbird.com

Websites became easier to make with software like Wordpress. However, websites being down and requiring constant updates and supervision is something that came with that ease.

Most of the time, if my Wordpress applications are down, my Webster pages are up.

It takes a server issue to bring Webster down.
"Yes I know I have a lot of directories, but they are up. Why isn't Wordpress?" That's my usual call.

Nobody is listening so I'll tell them.
Don't press buttons after midnight!

Next day update....Called Godaddy.....they have me on the fasttrack......before I called I deleted 3000 pages at Tunebee.......Left a front page only.......answering questions about 3000 directories didn't happen this time....ha.
The answer is to wait for "propogation" DNS changes sometimes take 48 hours.....Brazil and the Netherlands were good....had already "propagated" .....
This process usually takes an hour, sometimes 15 minutes....I laughed and told them to propagate me first....then I wouldn't call....I love those folks.
Sending the 3000 pages back.
Come back Tunecats. I like your music.
I don't paint pictures for anyone but me. I  consider websites to be the ultimate "installation" and make them to entertain and educate myself, just like the music, art and poetry. . If these pages help to educate and entertain others, that's a blessing.