Thursday, January 3, 2019

A Documentary Site by Webster

Webster is gone documentarian crazy with some new pages,at Murfreesboronet.Murfreesboronet is known for video galleries and presents recipes and how to cook things. On the side, I have presented documentaries, mostly on history, archaeology, trains cars and airplanes. I have extended this list of documentaries with the list that I got from Wikipedia on, documentary subjects. The subjects range from fishing to philosophy to whaling to golf.

 YouTube has thousands of documentaries on every subject, some sensational, many sensational, some informative and most with catchy titles. Humans seem to like to hear about war, extinctions, death and crime. These are the subjects of many documentaries but there are others on religion, science, spirituality, economics and even education.

These are broad topics. Each broad topic can be separated into many subtopics but that is not the plan. The plan is to entertain myself and I like watching documentaries. I watch these until I'm bored and they will suggest others to put up. In entertaining myself I entertain others, quietly behind the scenes and basically unknown.

That's always been the point, to be behind-the-scenes and unknown but that is lonely and unheralded. It's all just links anyway links here links there, or word here, a word there, sometimes a period.
This website seems to be on a slow takeoff and Webster represents most of the traffic on many of my sites. Putting actual pages down rather than relying on WordPress or  Blogger.