Sunday, February 2, 2020

Original Art For Sale On the Internet

Most are familiar with Etsy. Many artists have original art there as well as Saatchi. Etsy isn't free but Saatchi is. The perils of buying art on the internet include insecurity for the artist and the buyer. We recommend: 1. Getting to know the artist prior to buying. A personal contact is possible for many artists on the internet. Not all are famous. Outsider Artists are approachable. Patrons of art want to feel that they are helping an artist and artists want the art to go to a good home. 2. Be secure in the payment method. PayPal, Square and others are secure and well known. 3. Understand and discuss the return policy. 4. Know shipping costs before purchase. Don't be surprised. 5. Insure the art for value. Another great new place to buy art is Art For Sale Original David is an artist who you can trust.

Alcohol Ink
Oil Paintings
Screen Prints
Another good site is Modern Art By. It'sw a new site with a great name which suits unknown artists but has a penchant for any name. Sale For Art and Abstract Original Art have the potential to be major art sites by showing art like this: