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Welding steel is a process in which two pieces of material are fused together. The process of welding is different from brazing or soldering, which does not melt the base metal. In a perfect weld, the joint should be stronger than the base metal. When forming these joints, in any process, shielding of the weld arc is required. For this article, we’ll use A36 carbon steel for our base metal. SMAW, or Shielded Metal Arc Welding, most commonly called “stick welding” is essentially a manual arc welding process. We use a consumable electrode covered in flux to form the pool and high amperage to melt the base metal forming the weld joint. The electrodes angle, the rate of speed you “travel”, the amperage and the electrode type and covering are all critical to the weld. GMAW, or Gas Metal Arc Welding, most commonly called MIG (metal inert gas) is a process where an electric arc between the base metal and the filler material (small diameter wire). This process injects an inert gas, a filler material, and enough heat to melt the base metal with a pull of the trigger. With the correct amperage, wire speed, gas and pressure, beautiful welds that are a cinch to clean up are formed. GTAW, or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, Most commonly called TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) is a difficult welding process. It requires the welder manually feed a filler material while maneuvering the torch and using a pedal to vary heat output to the correct amperage.
......Welding is an Art Welding as Art, certainly steel sculptures like those that these folks can help with is a modern branch of art. Artists like Jeff Koons have made stainless steel sculptures like "Balloon Dog" which are manufactured rather than welded.

 In welding, heat is used to melt the metal part, and a filler material is used to form molten material. When the molten metal solidifies, a strong joint will be formed. The weld is often stronger than the material.

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