Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Pressure Washing and Webster123 in Clarksville Tn

How does a pressure washer work? Pressure washer consist of the pump an electric motor. The energy from the motor operates the pump to produce a higher pressure at the nozzle than you would have from the faucet. A trigger gun is used to deliver the water mixed with cleaning solution to a nozzle. Components are:
1. Electric motor or gasoline engine producing a horsepower up to 5 hp.
2. Inlet water hose with the filter.
3. Water pump. Water pump is driven at a high speed by the electric motor and delivers water to a novel at a high pressure up to 2 gallons a minute.
4. High-pressure hose. The hose must deliver water at out pressure rated for the washer. Often the pressure washer is rated at a high pressure such as 2000 psi or greater. The holes has to be built to withstand at least twice this pressure.
5. Bottle or container for detergent. Cold water flows through one hose and is filtered and mixed with detergent from another hose. The water pump receives water from both the faucet and the detergent container and delivers it to the novel.
6. Unloader valve. The unloader valve diverts the water flow through the bypass when the trigger on the gun is depressed.
A trapped pressure unloader valve opens when there is an increase in pressure, so when the trigger on the gun is released the pressure increases and opens the unloader valve sending the water back to a holding tank or back to the inlet side of the pump.
A trapped pressure unloader is a simple valve with a spring mechanism mounted in a Brass body. There is A channel within the body that gives water access to the back of a piston. When the trigger is released the pressure against the piston increases and pushes the spring open to allow the water to pass into the bypass. If the trigger is closed, then all of the water will flow into bypass and back to the header tank..... Gutter

Pressure washing can cause problems because they move so much water and drainage must be noted before using. They can blast dirt in all directions and they produce a stream of high-pressure water which can damage skin or eyes. Be sure to wear waterproof shoes and overalls. Extra care must be given to wooden siding or decks and older window and test areas must be pressure washed prior to doing the job to ensure that damage is not done to decking.

Pressure washing is an example of our use of Webster123 at Clarksville pressure wash to present videos of power washing and cleaning techniques. Pressure washing
requires care and expert assistance. For cleaning concrete and brick, sidewalks, patios and driveways there is no substitute.
When pressure washing is important to wear the proper safety gear such as boots and gloves long pants and safety glasses. Pressure washing may seem like fun a pressure washer is not a toy can never be pointed at a person or animal. Do not aim the the high-pressure nozzle at breakable materials such as glass or old windows. Never let children operate pressure washer if there is a safety latch, engaging when the pressure washer is not in use. Do not use a gas powered pressure washer and enclose spaces to prevent carbon monoxide buildup. For more information in the Nashville or Clarksville area go here.