History and Content

This all started with an engineer (me) and a Tubepress plugin for Wordpress. Tubepress has code which summons YouTube Galleries. The search function can be put behind the scenes in a page.

In php this ask the swami for a page formulas is:

<?php print TubePressPro::getHTML('mode="tag" tagValue="How to make Apple butter " resultsPerPage="30" orderBy="relevance" perPageSort="relevance" embeddedWidth="100%" videoBlacklist="8Qq2DZskkzo" https="true"'); ?><?php print TubePressPro::getJS(true); ?></p><br>

Web pages sprang from Wiki lists into csv files and into Wordpress.
Bots had a field day and my server crashed a lot.
The pages were already in Excel so the new macros became what I named Webster123.
It creates inline csv and all elements of a webpage via user settings. It breaks the rules and challenges the norm by creating individual pages rather than using php/sql. 

Content from Wordpress

I have also moved content from Wordpress into Webster. This is complicated by "Plugins"

Scraping Content:
Some content comes from a scraping Google for links. I've developed software that makes it relevant. This method is widely used by spam software. I've found Facebook Pages of stars, Art galleries, maps and relevant links.
In Tunebee I also retrieved YouTube Playlists. Embedding them is perfectly legal and it creates a site with no commercials.......

Webster123 pages are pure html or php.....There is no database to break into. Why should I need security to show public information?

Webster123 could be an external  Content Delivery method with html and visual tabs like Wordpress. Working with the website in a spreadsheet has advantages. Dealing with sidebars, menus and links between websites is a breeze. Viewing and creating is much faster than waiting for Wordpress to get a page to edit from a database.
I published a thousand html pages from 1998 to 2006 and switched to Wordpress for all of the right reasons.....It would have been foolish to think that I would ever revisit that decision.....but, hey FTP is so fast......These pages have afterburner speed........and my tour rocks!
Webster123 could be an Open Source Program......That is beyond my humble capabilities and that is my suggestion for consideration and discussion.