Webster currently exists as a Macro Enabled Spreadsheet. It's buttons and controls load websites and publish them locally. It has a view button to view the page from your hard drive before sending via Ftp. It can publish one page or thousands. The inputs are slug, title,content, share image, header image, menu, header and footer and meta.
Click on the image to enlarge and see the control panel...

Page Settings
The Page Settings are used to construct simple inline css for our single sidebar theme. The file extension of our pages can be "html" or "php". If the "Directory Mode" is False, the slug (name) is added to ".php" or ".html"
If the Directory Mode is "True", the slug (name) is a directory and the file name is "index.php" or "index.html"

Advanced Settings The Advanced Settings page is where the sidebars, menus, headers, footers and metas are stored. It is also the location of the actual title,head, /title, /head, body, /body statements. If anything needs to be added after any element it may be added here..... The Addtoany statements are here also and the share may be changed....

Editing a Sidebar Sidebars in Webster are a matter of simple html link statements.

Editing a Menu Menus are easy and unlimited like sidebars, headers, footers.

Edit a Post A post is entered in html. There is no wysiwyg at this time. Use Wordpress to compose and csv files to export to


The View Button The view button opens an Explorer window to view the file from your hard drive for file extensions of ".html"....It views the php and html code if the extension is ".php".....If Xamp is installed on your computer, the entire site may be surfed. from your hard drive...... The View buttom is very useful for reviewing the page.